graduation 2021

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Date: TBA

Time: TBA

Graduation Checklist

Graduation Questions and Answers

Cap and Gowns: contact:

Decoration rules if you plan to decorate your graduation cap.

Location: Silver Creek High School Stadium

Campus Map

Address: 3434 Silver Creek Road, San Jose, CA 95121

Admission: TBA

Important Information



Dress Code:

  • Graduates must dress appropriately. The school dress code applies to what graduates wear underneath their gowns.

  • Please take into consideration the rules when decorating your graduation cap.

    • Failure to follow the rules will result in the covering of your decoration and a warning, or the removal of the cap at the ceremony.

  • Since it is often windy at graduation, consider using lots of bobby pins to secure caps.

    • For those with little or no hair, double-stick tape seems to do the trick!

  • Spiked, pointed, or pencil heels will sink into the field and are not allowed.

  • Please be sure to iron your graduation gown with a cool iron before the commencement.