To unite all parents, teachers and students in advocating for the best education for all our Silver Creek students in a safe, clean, inspiring environment that encourages excellence, dynamic teaching methods, creative problem solving, and community service, preparing our students to be successful community members.

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Welcome to Silver Creek High School PTSA


Stay tuned for upcoming events!

We have Coffee Talks with the Principal once a month, first Thursdays of each month at 9 am. Zoom link is sent via TBA a day before the meeting. All questions or concerns are welcome here.

Staff funding requests

PTSA set aside $15,000 for this year to meet Staff funding needs.

So far, 16 funding requests have been made totaling close to $6,000. Funding will continue to be available for various groups/programs on campus for the next few months.

PTSA's Raider Fund and Membership Drive:

Close to $14,000 were raised in the first four months of the school year with 162 members joining the PTSA. This is the largest number of members for a site for this year in the ESUHSD. Kudos to VP of Membership Sterling Larnerd for all her hard work!

Funds raised along with funds from last year are being used towards campus beautification projects, providing support to staff, funding improvements to the library etc.

Campus Beautification:

Student and parent volunteers spend from 3-5 hours to help beautify the campus. Events are held on Sundays between 9 am and noon. Students work in small groups and normally have a parent volunteer to supervise them. Thank you Sarika Thakur for leading the campus beautification efforts for the second year in a row.

Two beautification events were held the 2020 2021 school year - on Sunday October 18th and on Sunday November 15th. A total of 45 students and parents participated working within COVID protocols for a total of about 150 hours.

Tasks included mulching empty areas which had no green grass and looked dry; cleaning around the school picking any trash on campus; weeding, trimming and raking dry leaves in front of the school, Raider Hall and other parts of campus; cleaning the area around the football field; trimming and raking dry plants/leaves around the football field; Students worked in the Rose Garden in front of the school. The hedges behind the roses were trimmed.

Tentative dates for upcoming Campus Beautification events for students who would like to participate and receive volunteer hours are: Sunday March 21 and Sunday April 18. Please contact Sarika ( for details.

"Creek Doors"

As part of Campus Beautification efforts and with the goal to promote Visual Arts at SCHS, PTSA has been working with the Art Department to get winning/selected artwork of students installed on campus. Per the request of Ms Daugherty, this project is being carried out on similar lines to the Downtown Doors project (where winning artwork entries of local students including works by SCHS students are displayed as panels on doors and walls around downtown San Jose).

As part of our own "Creek Doors" project, 10 -12 art works of students (including photographs and paintings) will be displayed around the X quad - on the exterior doors / walls of Administrative building, the gymnasium, Parent Center, Raider Hall, Attendance office and Library. Cost of the project is estimated at $3,200.

PTSA hopes to add art pieces every year based on availability of funds. Student entries are presented anonymously to a panel of staff members who will vote in an online process of selection and winners' works will be displayed for a period of two years on campus. Thank you Ms Griselda Lopez and Ms Victoria Byers for working with PTSA and Ms Lyra to make this project a reality. Installation for this year will be completed by end of January 2021.

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We need YOU to make CREEK stronger TODAY!

How to help:

Thank you to our Generous Parent/Staff Donors & Corporate Sponsors

  • New Seasons Market Evergreen

  • 8 Elements Restaurant Evergreen

  • Freeman Orthodontist

  • Lillian Moore State Farm Insurance

  • Kamala Law Corporation

  • Mexico Lindo

  • Forte Medical Aesthetics

  • Silver Creek Country Club

  • Visual Martial Arts

Fundraiser & Christmas Donation Drive

With the generous support of our community, PTSA was able to raise funds for the SCHS students living in shelters and in foster care. A huge thanks to Parent Center coordinator Michael Anchondo for providing all the necessary information pertaining to the students including their immediate needs during the pandemic. PTSA had two events for these students and theirs families:

Gift Card Donation Drive - November 2020

The local parent community exceeded our expectations and generously donated $5065 in cash and gift card donations. PTSA provided the 18 students with $25 dollar gift cards (10 per student) to local Evergreen stores such as Target, Walmart and CVS. The balance of funds raised were set aside to be used for the annual Christmas Giving Tree Donation Drive held for the past three years for the families of these students.

All envelopes with the gift cards were put together by student volunteer Ruthvik Singireddy and dropped off at the Parent Center from where the students collected them. A HUGE THANK YOU to the over 140 parents and students who donated to make a difference during these exceptionally difficult times.

Christmas Donation Drive - December 2 - 7 2020

PTSA worked with the Parent Center to successfully conduct the third annual Christmas Donation Drive for SCHS students and their siblings living in foster care or in shelters. A list of the needs and one "want" of each student and sibling was provided to the parent community. A total of 47 students and siblings received gift cards to Target, Walmart or to local restaurants, gifts including jackets, books, shoes, etc. A huge pat on the back to local Middle School student Kushi Chitkara who helped raise $1200 towards the Christmas Donation Drive. Matching funds to the tune of $500 are to be received soon for the funds raised by Kushi.

Balance forward from October drive $ 565

Online Donation $ 455

Cash $ 250

Gift Cards Donated $ 1,225 (49 cards x $25)

Funds raised by Kushi Chitkara $ 1200

Matching funds $ 500

Grand Total $ $ 4,195

All gifts and gift cards were sorted by family and dropped off at the school on Monday December 16th and were collected by the students before the holidays. A huge thank you to Neelima Singireddy, Ruthvik Singireddy, Micheal Anchondo and the office staff for making this donation drive run smoothly.

Matching Donations

Does your company offer "Matching Donations?" Please let us know so we can provide you with any needed information.

The Silver Creek High PTSA is a non-profit 501(c)3, Tax ID# 77-0269896, so donations are 100% tax deductible.

RECENT RAIDER FUND REQUESTS (your Raider Fund dollars at work):

  • The award-winning yearbook program needs a few new cameras and lenses.

  • Leadership needs a new shade canopy, tables, and carts to improve their campus mobility, visibility and productivity.

  • Our athletic blow-up tunnel needs repairs.

  • Practice equipment and uniforms are needed for our sports teams - especially our new golf teams.

  • Our rookie student robotics team, the third year of comp., hope to upgrade their robot Riley as they enter their second year of competition.

  • The Drama program needs materials for props and sets (Wizard of Oz).

  • Science Olympiad has expanded its club and needs more resources and tournament fees.

  • The Photography class needs photo paper.

  • Both the English and Math departments have specific resource requests to make lessons more dynamic and student-centered.

  • Professional installation of student art

  • Smartphone Video rigs for Film Studies

  • Digital subscriptions for teachers, students, and the library.

  • And that's just in the first few weeks! Let's meet these needs which directly, or indirectly, benefit every student!

Staff luncheon - Wednesday 16th 2020

PTSA hosted a year end staff luncheon for all staff members including the Principal, the Associated Principals, custodians, lunch room and office staff etc. who have been working on campus during Covid-19. As a small gesture of appreciation, PTSA provided packed lunches from local restaurant Le Boulanger for close to 30 staff members. A year end annual lunch before the end of the school year will be provided to all staff members if circumstances permit.

A huge thank you to hospitality chairs Karen Yoshioka and Neelima Singireddy for helping with all the planning and to Sarika Thakur and Reena Arya for helping with the set up.

PTSA hopes to continue to reach out to staff members and students groups to understand their needs and assist where possible as well as recruit new members through this incredibly tough year.

We Love To Hear From You!

We always look forward to hearing from parents and would love the support of volunteers.

Please reach out to Usha Kalahasti, VP of Programs, with any suggestions or questions.

SC PTSA wishes you all a very healthy, safe and prosperous New Year. A huge pat on the back to all our students and staff who have worked through incredibly difficult times. We thank our Principal Kelly Daugherty and Associate Principals Lyra Hua and Mary Barrett-Wong for the incredible leadership shown during these unforeseen tough times. Thank you parents for being there for your students. Together - we will come out stronger!

Go Raiders!!!