Visual Arts

Art 1

Grades 9 - 12 (year): G, CSU, UC (F)

Art 1 is a basic course for students of all levels of art ability. Its aim is to help students become aware of the many forms art takes and to explore some of these areas for both production and appreciation. Students will learn to paint, draw, and sculpt in a variety of media. Emphasis will also be placed on the study of important artists, art history, and the elements and principles of design. Art 1 is a prerequisite for Drawing.

Advanced Studies in Art

Grades 11, 12 (year): G, CSU, UC (G)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 2 year-long art courses.

A student must have prior approval from the instructor before taking this class. It is designed for an advanced art or photography student who wants to work independently under a contract situation with the teacher. Students should be self-motivated and have objectives in mind before signing up.

Crafts 1-3

Grades 10 - 12 (year): G, CSU, UC (G)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Art 1 or consent of instructor.

In Crafts 1-3 the student will learn design fundamentals and apply these fundamentals in the creating of projects in various craft media. This includes some of the following: clay, batik, jewelry, and wood crafts. The student will learn about the cultural and historical background of some crafts and evaluate and appreciate crafts in different forms.

Drawing and Painting 1-3

Grades 10 - 12 (year): G, CSU, UC (G)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Art 1 or consent of instructor.

This course is designed for students to continue their art education in creative drawing and painting. Media covered are oil, acrylics, watercolors, pencil, pen and ink, pastels, printmaking, and mixed media. Students will also learn about and experiment with different painting styles such as realism, impressionism and abstraction. Some sculpture will be included in this course as a basis for painting. Color may be explored in 3D design.

Multimedia Arts 1-2

Grades 10-12 (year): G, CSU, UC (G)

This course is a computer arts course designed to develop a student’s visual thinking, creative expression, and the awareness of the impact of media in our lives. The course will extend the student’s knowledge of the elements and principles of design and prepare them with entry level skills in technology. Students integrate images, graphics, text, animation, and video in their artwork using media such as computers, digital cameras, and scanners, as well as applications such as Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and In Design. The approach for the class is project-based learning; students will develop a portfolio. The course fulfills the Fine Arts high school graduation requirements and the UC A-G requirements.

Photography 1

Grades 9-12 (year): G, CSU, UC (F)

Prerequisites: None (Grade 10 by consent of instructor).

This is a basic course in photography. Students will learn to use a 35-mm camera, and learn black and white photography processes such as film developing, printmaking and special effects. They will learn lighting techniques and the basics of studio photography. Digital photography is explored within this course. This course also covers the history of photography, critique, and print presentation.

Photography 2

Grades 10-12 (year): G, CSU, UC (G)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Photography 1.

This second-year course in photography stresses the advanced use of several camera formats from 35mm to Twin Lens cameras, advanced film developing techniques, and creative darkroom techniques, studio lighting techniques, commercial photography, photographic journalism, and digital photography. Students will prepare a portfolio of their work, which they and the instructor will evaluate and critique.

Photography 3

Grades 11, 12 (year): G, CSU, UC (G)

Prerequisites: Photography 1 and 2 are recommended.

An introduction to photography with emphasis placed upon technical, aesthetic, and historical perspectives of this fine art medium. Camera and black and white darkroom procedures are explored.

Studio Art/Drawing (Advanced Placement)

Grades 11, 12 (year): G, CSU, UC (g)

Prerequisites: Successful completion of 2 year-long art courses are recommended.

This course is for students interested in a rigorous and focused study in art. Students will develop a quality portfolio that masters concept, composition and execution of drawing, 2D and 3D design. This course is based on students creating a body of work (24 pieces minimum) that demonstrates quality, concentration and breadth. This portfolio will be submitted to the College Board for college credit. This course will meet for a full year. As in any college level course students will be expected to spend a considerable amount of time outside of class in order to complete assignments.

Yearbook 1- 2

Grades 10 - 12 (year): E

Prerequisites: Approval of instructor is mandatory.

Yearbook is a one-year elective class commitment. Students must apply in March, and be interviewed in order to be accepted into yearbook. Students are required to meet deadlines. Skills required include a desire to improve one's writing, creativity, artistic or photographic skills, as well as patience, maturity, and an ability to get along well with others. Students will learn the basics of graphic design and story writing.