Work Permits

Silver Creek High School Work Permit Policy

All students under the age of 18 who have not yet graduated from high school must have a work

permit in order to be employed. In accordance with California Education Code and the East Side

Union High School District, students MUST have regular attendance and be in good academic

standing to qualify. ln addition, Silver Creek has the authority to revoke a work permit or limit

the number of hours/days the student may work.

► Regular Attendance-Students must attend, on time, regularly. If a student is identified as a

"truant" a work permit will not be issued.

► Good Academic Standing-Students must have a 2.0 or above G.P.A. during the most recent

grading period in order to qualify for a work permit.

Those who are considered a truant and/or are not in good academic standing will have their work permit application denied. in addition, work permits can be revoked if a student's attendance or grades decline after the permit is issued.

Application Information:

• A work permit is issued for one specific job. Every new job requires a new permit.

• Students complete the "For Minor to Complete" section.

• Employers must fill out the "For Employer to Complete" section completely.

• Parent/Guardian's signature is required before the work permit can be issued.

• Processing of work permit will take up to five (5) days. Please plan ahead!!

• Student must pick up the work permit in person because the student's signature is


Work Permits.pdf